Fantastical Dykes and Queens

I’ve always said that I want to explore more queer themes in mainstream fantasy, right? I’m finally doing it here. Please note two important points before we dig in. First of all, this post is not really about queers in fantasy, it is specifically about queer representation in mainstream fantasy books. There are many works … Continue reading Fantastical Dykes and Queens

Book Review: The Grey Bastards by Jonathan French

The Grey Bastards is a soft magic, epic fantasy. It takes place in a world of frails (basically what we normies would call humans), orcs, elves, centaurs, and of course half-orcs. The general feel of The Grey Bastards was best described by reviewers better than myself as a bikers fantasy. It is done in a limited third person POV, nestled in the mind of one character, Jackal, or Jacko if you want to piss him off. I would also say that the Grey Bastards is a heavily character driven book.

Evolution in Four Dimensions by Eva Jablonka and Marion Lamb

The book addresses evolution and heredity by studying its building blocks, namely genetic, epigenetic, behavioral, and symbolic. And the magic of the book grows as you progress from one dimension to the next. This book was written by Eva Jablonka and Marion Lamb. Eva Jablonka is an Israeli theorist and geneticist, born in 1952 in … Continue reading Evolution in Four Dimensions by Eva Jablonka and Marion Lamb